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Visit a Gray Whale Sanctuary

Whale Encounters 1


A trip of a lifetime, whether you are a young and  inexperienced

or seasoned whale watcher, this experience will change your life. 

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We are very proud to work with Baja Ecoutours,Campo Cortez

Simply the best Eco-lodge in San Ignacio Lacoon

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Whale Encounters

We take 2 two hour whale watching trips a day every day 

Small boats for a more  close and personal experience

Osprey on sign at Campo Cortez


The Vizcaino biosphere reserve is the largest protected area in Mexico, and is home to many local and migratory species including ospreys, cormorants, pelicans, coyotes, sea turtles, dolphins, and many more species.

The vizcaino biosphere reserve is also a UNESCO heritage place, and it’s home to millennial cave paintings older than time.

The San Ignacio Lagoon also homes families of the fishermen who make of these waters their sustenance and life.

Our camp is operated by one of these families. The Fischer family

You and Nature

Campo Cortez is located in a small isolated point in San Ignacio Lagoon, only you and nature and nothing more.

Our solar and wind powered camp is one with the environment and our impact in the area is close to zero thanks to our reduce, reuse and recycling policies instituted in every aspect of our operation without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Food and groceries are sourced locally when possible and fish is provided freshly from the local fishermen.

Our commitment is to nature and to quality.

Sunrise at Campo Cortez

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