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A quick view on our plans

This year has been so different. It’s incredible to imagine that there is no single human being in this planet who was un-affected by current global events, and no single plan in the world remained intact.

For the past 5 years Lorna and I have kept a very nomadic lifestyle, and our project was like that of the dandelion’s seed, floating around in the wind, but packed with everything we need to thrive.

Never the less our “freedom” was obedient to the world we used to live in, working mainly in the tourism industry,  but that was then; just like many other non-essential industries, tourism will return, no doubt, but at a very slow pace, it seems.

So we got creative and taught about all those neat things we can do in order to stay afloat while we all navigate thru this pandemic the best we can.

We love traveling, photography, films, music, and things to do with creativity, right?

So, we created a website that put some of our projects together in the same space, a playground of sorts where we can show our past, present and future ideas in order to stay in tune and grow like that dandelion seed carried by the wind into these fields.

Please enjoy these photos, they are yours, and if you want to print any of them, and support our project in the process, you can choose from our different options to print any of these pictures, or purchase any of Lorna’s Campo Cortez momments photos available on her photo gallery.

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By clicking on the link in the month and week of your visit , you will be taken to a dedicated folder on Google Drive where you can find the photos

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By clicking on the link in the month and week of your visit , you will be taken to a dedicated folder on Google Drive where you can find the photos

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Lorna's Gallery

By clicking this Link, you will be taken to Lorna’s Gallery where you can see some of her photos and even buy one in any style, paper, frame, size or on anything you want print it on, from beach bags to blankets.

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Thank you for all your friendship and support in these days of uncertainty. We hope you and your families are all well, and we hope we can share some of the fun and vibes of Baja with you.

We will keep you up to date, and we will notify you when more pictures or videos are added to the albums if you choose to subscribe.

We are also very excited about the possibility of custom print on demand in many different formats, and delivery right at your door. All from our different service providers across America.

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We can print, frame and ship your photo strait to your door

Choose from any of the photos or even upload one of your own, we can print it on anything you want, or make a photo book! we’ll send it to your home or any address you want from a California based lab.

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Yes, you can, these photos are yours.

We can also do it for you, if you have a particular idea let us know and we can make it happen

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How Long Does it Take?

We work with Bayphoto lab in Scotts Valley, California, and they are simply the best.

Their production time is between 2 to 5 business days + shipping, so depending on printing technic and  location could be from 3 to 8 days.

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Gallery Quality Prints

Bayphoto offers a great variety of fine art paper and metal to print your photos on, we chose a few of their best options but the sky is the limit.


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Bay Photo offers a variety of high quality wood or metal frames, in a range of colors, with optional matting and/or acrylic to protect the print. Each moulding is carefully inspected to meet the gallery quality you expect from Bay Photo.

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Metal Prints

While photo papers have fantastic image stability, Xenon Light Stability Testing results show that the image stability of MetalPrints is 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers.

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Other Stuff to Print On

Think about it! Your photo on anything.

Coffee mugs, wall art, cellphone cases, photo books, keychains, you name it.

We answer some common questions here

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What we do

Thanks to state of the art technology that we are still trying to figure out, we are able to design from any place in the world, yes, even our campervan!

But our print partners are all proud American companies with years of experience in the printing business.    Your framed picture or tee will be fulfilled by any our partners in the U.S of A. so no long waits, no import fees, no hassle.

Our products are made per order, not in bulk.

When you buy one of our products you receive a high quality product, made fully or partially in America and you will be supporting not only us, but the many of jobs involved in the process.

Print a photography of your experience at Campo Cortez.

You can print your image on canvas, fine art photography paper, apparel, home decor, Yoga mats, you name it 

Remember your experience or send it as a gift to anyone you want.

We have tons of footage from Campo Cortez, thousands of hours of whale petting and fun at the camp. If you want to receive a copy of this please let us know.

As expected this is a long and slow process of search and process video, it takes time, we ask you to be patient. 

We do not have everybody nor every single second at the camp, so we can’t promise we have your video, but if we have it, it would be a pleasure to put something together for you.

We have plenty of oncoming projects, a short film, a hydroponic-indoor-grow-your-own-salad-project, and a few more surprises, so stay tuned for updates on that and new adventures

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