A short Chronicle of

Our Journey to Campo Cortez

For the past five years Campo Cortez has been our home away from home in the winter, here some of the stories.

  • Friendly whale

    aproaches the boat
  • Sunrise

    at Campo Cortez
  • Ospreys

    nest in every structure above the ground in San Ignacio

March 20th 2016

There is something really special about making eye contact with a whale. 

Well, any creature really, even a human!

But when you’re in a boat, floating along the water and suddenly a whale pops their head out of the water to do what we call a “Spyhop” or when they come to the surface, near the boat, and turn on their side so the eye is out of the water, you know that they are making a conscious effort to look at you. 

Spyhop Gray whale

Of course, it’s difficult to tell whether they are looking directly at you and also, when they are rolling around in the water, and enjoying being rubbed and petted, the eye can sometimes be closed; either because the sun is forcing the eye closed or, I like to think, the whale closes their eye in pure bliss. 

There is a book on the shelf in the camp that has been staring at me throughout my time here and that is Dick Russell’s “Eye of the Whale”. 

I have been wanting to read it for quite some time now but haven’t managed to get a moment to sit down and start it. 

Now that I’ve had my eye “experience”, I can’t help but take it off the shelf, find a quiet spot and give myself some time to read it.


Eye of the Whale the book

The Eye of the Whale

This is the book, in case anyone out there has read it