Earth Day in times of COVID 19

April 22, 2020

What an eye-opening month this has been. In an instant, the entire world changed, turning us on our heads, showing us that we are not owners of the earth, but more like visiting guests.

Quite the humbling experience, for me, personally. It’s a good time now to re-jig things a little, restructure and re-prioritize what’s important for us to continue to live harmoniously, with each other and with ourselves.

Tough times, yes but if we take this as a moment to dig a little deeper and love a little harder, without fear of rejection or judgment, we can grow a little further, opening up and reaching out to those around us, our fellow humans, plants and animals. For better understanding, more compassion, and global friendship.

We don’t break down, we break “up”. 

Rodrigo and I stay hunkered down in our apartment in Cabo San Lucas. We try and take this time to be creative, eat well, stay fit, and most importantly, stay positive. 

These times can be so unsettling and if you let it, the whole situation can blow up inside your head, thus becoming a negative and, for want of a better word, useless situation that you have to climb your way out.

So, speaking of growing, Rodrigo came up with a wonderful idea, in a bid to try and stay healthy, be useful and also channel and pour some of that love I was talking about into something that needs it right now… and that is to dive into the world of hydroponics and turn our sitting room into a hydroponic garden.

It is still early days yet, and we’re still figuring out the details like how many buckets to buy and which seeds to start, but as always, we start with what we have. So, at this moment, we have celery, lettuce, and garlic, some in soil already, some in water, ready to be transplanted.

So let’s plant a new seed of hope, and better still, we do it together. 

Love and light.


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